Monday, 25 July 2016

My journey and blog update!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update on the progress of Pure Sites.

Julie Brant has come a long way on her property journey since becoming a landlord and sourcing big sites, she has now turned her attention to her own development company. She is working with investors to help build her business and looking forward to new exciting times and success!

See below just a few sites been working on and two offered. Also to add though Julie has worked on sites with planning for 88 units she also will be working on units from 150+. So in all ranges from 4  - 150+ units preferably with planning but will also look at outline or positive planning too.

Colliers Wood London SW19:

Planning permission for 4 units

Northfleet Kent Site

Outline planning permission 5 units

  West Kingsdown site Kent

  Planning permission for 7 units

Moving on.....Julie has used this blog for some time now. It is time for a new improved blog!

Come back soon and check out our new Pure Sites blog to continue this exciting journey.

Much love!

Pure Sites.


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