Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Branching out!

Hi Property People!

I have not blogged for awhile so about time to let you know my next journey.

I have been in the property field for 3 and half years now and I am learning new experiences everyday. I have spent hours in ice cold rooms in snowy conditions, Knocking down walls, putting new walls up, filling large holes in walls, tiling and labour work. I have worked alongside with my builders. Of course fetching coffees too, oh yes! I know you are laughing but it is true just ask one of my guys. The best part has been painting all my properties and adding finishing touches and being proud of turning a unlivable cold, ugly shell of a house and flats to a great standard fresh properties. 

I have come through some scrapes and bruises! But I love what I do.

I am with LinkedIn and making new contacts and clients. I have a few early projects on the way which is exciting and building relationships with both Seller's/Agents and of course buyer's!

If you do not know me well I have linked my letting agent Sunny who owns Ashton Reeds use to be Bexletts in Bexley Kent, he deals with all new properties I own. He can vouch for me I hope! Joking he will. He is also a multi-landlord like me.

Also I will be adding properties and Land for sale so please take a look as they are amazing! I will give details to genuine buyers who get in touch with me.

I will be adding properties I have available and again get in touch with me if you see a property you like!

Keep networking as it is invaluable. I have learnt so much and teaching ones that are new by just reading my journey!

keep coming back and chat soon!!

Enjoy my blogging