Monday, 25 July 2016

My journey and blog update!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update on the progress of Pure Sites.

Julie Brant has come a long way on her property journey since becoming a landlord and sourcing big sites, she has now turned her attention to her own development company. She is working with investors to help build her business and looking forward to new exciting times and success!

See below just a few sites been working on and two offered. Also to add though Julie has worked on sites with planning for 88 units she also will be working on units from 150+. So in all ranges from 4  - 150+ units preferably with planning but will also look at outline or positive planning too.

Colliers Wood London SW19:

Planning permission for 4 units

Northfleet Kent Site

Outline planning permission 5 units

  West Kingsdown site Kent

  Planning permission for 7 units

Moving on.....Julie has used this blog for some time now. It is time for a new improved blog!

Come back soon and check out our new Pure Sites blog to continue this exciting journey.

Much love!

Pure Sites.

My journey in business and the property venture

How it Started

My first business was in catering. I began as a glorified sandwich delivery service going around local offices and industrial parks. I worked from 4am to 1pm in the day and did my accounts and preparation in the evening for the following day, from 9pm to 1am, 5 days a week and half-day on a Sunday. Apart from that, I brought up my daughter since 3 months old! I was shattered, but it was well worth it. My business took off very quickly, delivering up to 200 customers a day, plus buffet service for weekly corporate events.

With hard work and long hours, I was able to purchase my first 2 bedroom flat with excitement. It looked like something out of the 70's! I turned it around into an updated bright. airy and lovable home. I found that I enjoyed it so much, I moved onto another property! I loved catering, but I loved properties even more and started my property journey in October 2010.

October 2010

This time it was an old cottage that was out of the 40's. I stripped it right back into an empty shell and started all again, renovating it into a clean, crisp and contemporary home. I sold it immediately! I carried on and let and sold more properties. As being a part of the property business, I have my team of builders. If you need work done such as renovations, conversions, extension’s or new builds, then get in touch.

2014 – 2015

In 2014, I started attending networking events where I met a lot of like-minded property experts. Afterwards, I met up with a very influential property flipper. I needed a new direction from a place where I felt stuck, so we discussed options where I could do a lot better!

Moving on with my property journey, I sourced land sites for developers. I have sourced pubs, nightclubs, yards and large land with planning permission and without. I sold sites with a purchase price of 7.7M with a potential re-sales of 30M. Though I enjoyed sourcing and was quite successful at it, I found that my hard work was not of benefit to me. Why give these sites away when I can work with an investor and do them myself!

2016 –

This is a new chapter in my journey and I'm excited to see where it will take me. I have already sourced sites and putting offers in.

I have a new blog and website being created, so keep checking for updates.