Sunday, 26 October 2014

Where has the time gone??

I cannot believe it's the end of October already, where has the time gone?

Here's an update of my property journey so far:

My property business started in October 2010. From renovating an Victorian cottage house and now selling sites for development, I've been extremely privileged. Thank you for the congrats of 4 years!

Slowly but surely I am building up my business and I can't wait for the future!

I started sourcing great sites in February, well it was actually the 31st January 2014, but it seems so much longer then that! It took time sussing out the market and knowing the right sellers but I soon got the hang of it. For the first few months I was up util 4-5am putting the sites together. It was tiring!

Since April, I've been averaging sales of 1-2 sites a month- whether it's land or pubs I get them sold. Each month I find genuine sellers who are wanting to sell. I often meet new and different characters which is pretty intriguing. Some sites receive offers straight away yet some takes a matter of time.

I am currently putting new small to medium projects together- gradually building up future sites with excitement. I have targets set and I'm hoping to achieve them by 2015. I do not give up and never will. I have different ventures in mind and starting to put them together.

You can continue my journey with me by following me on Twitter, just click on link on the left hand side.

If you're a woman in business then get in touch. One thing I must do is more meet ups!

Also, to all my present contacts and new contacts, get in touch as there are some great sites coming up in Kent and North London.

Just to let you know, I have access to some of the most prestige homes in London too. Serious buyer's only, however, and if you're on a short term stay in London because of a business trip then just get in touch. I have great accommodation for you!

All best in your property journey!

As you know I have started to add my favorite Home of the month time! Amazing views over London!

This amazing penthouse over looks the shard.