Monday, 30 December 2013

My Property Blog

Hi Property People!

I have updated my blog site, and hope it looks better than before!

I did say I would tell you my experiences with renovating my properties and having to deal with work men that do not pull their weight! It is daunting when you are a woman and have to be tough.

My first time was when a workman did not turn up to start one of my properties. I do not accept laziness! I made it clear that my property has a deadline and to be finished on time. He did not keep to his promise so I let him go.

I believe if you take someone on they have the courtesy to let me know when they can do the job and complete it. Not have me waiting in a que.

I found some-one else of course. But can I warn you to be careful as there are builders who can mess you  around. 

I believe in working with your builders and workmen on site and build a great working relationship.

This is my experience! There is always blips along the way with things going wrong but being able to communicate is the key and all can be fixed and work done on time.

I keep my eye on the ball!