Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hi Everyone

I have nearly finished painting my property. I have done it myself to save money. I always suggest to do some work yourself. If you can do it why pay for someone else! Plus I like the job to be done to well plus save money. 

Please see my kitchen I have opened up space to create more room. Which was sepertae rooms but now a lounge and diner 

When searching for my next property I look for angles and how to add value to get the best from the property asset. If that means opening the property out or has other building potentials. Also local transport and schools are so important! 

Everyone loves a great kitchen and a lovely bathroom. All run down old properties look awful but once gutted and start from scratch U turn around what was a old wreck into a stylish fresh home. 

See what a difference it makes.It got let so quickly I didn't get time to do more pictures! 

Remember Ladies can do renovations just as well in property as men!! 

So ladies keep checking my blog. 

I'm looking to do more venture's from multi units to houses. For social housing too!

Also I have started a new sourcing business too.