Wednesday, 18 June 2014

About time!

Hi everyone!

Again I have been busy working hard. I keep meaning to keep up my writing about my journey in the property world, so here I am.

To start with, I have accumulated some great contacts and I'm doing pretty well with projects on the go and new sales. If you have read my blog from the beginning then you would know that I started on my own in 2010 renovating old shell properties to fresh new homes. Then I started  sourcing sites in February 2014. I love meeting new buyers and sellers and finding about different people.

If you're a new contact then you can read my journey from the beginning. It was a long one! I make it clear that  I am straight forward and do the best I can.

I spend a lot of time with my sellers and buyers building up a relationship on trust, honesty and loyalty. Unfortunately. there are some people that are neither which I have learnt along the way. What these businessmen dont realise is that it will come back to them eventually one day. We all live in a very small world! Remember!

To me, keeping up communication with my clients is so important. I either let my buyers do the deals or I do them for them. Most buyers want to do the deals themselves and understandably so. What matters is that I listen to what they want and see through the deal from the start to finish!

I have also built up a great team of tradesman so if you ever need a job done then just get in touch. Remember, you can email me at:

If you, or you know someone, who is looking for an amazing luxury house in Belgravia then let me know. I met a developer that started off like me and now develops amazing properties using the best and finest craftsmanship. You need to visit to know. But this is for only private and serious buyers! I have a selection of many prestigious homes for sale.

Chesham Mews SW1 - Call CityScope Developments for more information on this property.

Just to add my favourite pictures of homes in London

8 bedroom detached house for sale, Guide Price - £49,000,000 - Lyndhurst8 bedroom detached house for sale, Guide Price - £49,000,000 - Lyndhurst

I adore this beautiful house overlooking a landscaped garden. For a serene atmosphere, this pool is the dream place to be.

8 bedroom detached house for sale, Guide Price - £49,000,000 - LyndhurstRightmove most Exspensive HousesOne Hyde Park, Knightsbridge

A grand hall with a magnificent fireplace. This room is the perfect place to relax and unwind watching your favourite movie!